Out of a desire to expand my range of possibilities as an artist and designer, I began to explore generative design in 2011.

My goal was to create graphics that I could then print as etchings. I was fascinated by the tension between the purely digital creation process (coding) and an analogue and ancient printing technique, and wanted to bring them together.

Within the process that followed, the ring emerged very early on as a formal bracket. In its quiescent yet dynamic aesthetic, it offered the perfect “search field” for me to explore new formal and procedural possibilities.

In view of these infinite possibilities, I deliberately restricted myself to black and white – following the Japanese Ensō. I was particularly interested in the often organic, imperfect or unexpected results.

The actual goal, the engraving, receded more and more into the background, and the process itself became my driving force. More and more I expanded this process to include other methods and techniques, and opened up to colour.

Over the years, in addition to the Generative Rings, I have created a wide variety of rings in ink, watercolour, ebru, tape or through the new possibilities of artificial intelligence. I am currently experimenting with photograms and new materials. And finally – after more than 11 years and hundreds of rings been created – the first rings will be printed as an etching in May 2023.


Rockmarket – Frankfurt am Main/Germany

Café Karin – Frankfurt am Main/Germany

Studio Funk – Frankfurt am Main/Germany


Ingo Butsch
Römerberg 15
60311 Frankfurt

T.: +49 (0) 177 – 310 97 96
M.: mail@ingobutsch.com

Ingo Butsch